Ultra-Low NOx Solutions

Lennox is leading the way with low-NOx initiatives and solutions. These NOx, or Nitrogen Oxide, emissions from gas furnaces produce ground-level ozone, which impacts the environment and your health. And we’re proud to say that Lennox is the first company to provide a full line of ultra-low emission furnaces.

NOx causes respiratory problems — such as wheezing, coughing, colds, bronchitis and worsened asthma — and is harmful for vegetation.

California lowered NOx emission limits from 40ng/J to 14mg/J for all natural-gas-fired, fan-type residential central furnaces within certain parts of the state.


Why choose a Lennox Ultra-Low NOx solution.

Lennox is the first manufacturer with a full line of ultra-low emissions furnaces.

Lowest Emissions

Lennox Ultra-Low NOx furnaces produce 65% less NOx emissions than a low NOx furnace.

Lower Bills

They are more cost effective, creating projected 25% heating cost savings over an average year.

Ultra-Low NOx Furnace

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