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Things to Think About Before Considering...

Today’s air conditioning and heating systems are more complex than ever. Connor Air strives to offer an environmentally safe, energy efficient system that will meet your needs and budget.

From a consumer standpoint, an air conditioning and heating system is one of the most expensive and involved purchase decisions you’ll probably ever make that you usually know the least about. Choosing correct equipment is hard enough-not to mention honest, dependable, qualified contractors with the necessary skills, experience and technology to install it.

In these difficult economic times, receiving the value, benefits, service, product and workmanship cannot be achieved with the typical “low bidder.” It’s impossible. So many “quality” corners are cut to stay profitable that most consumers are unaware of. What you don’t see; the design and workmanship mistakes made will cost you energy waste, poor performance, and inefficiency. This will substantially reduce equipment life.

Why are Competitors Proposals Priced Different?

It seems many “apples to apples” bids today are really “apples, oranges, and cherries”. Most consumers really don’t know how to compare the details that usually go unnoticed. Many contractors don’t deliver what’s promised and fall short of after sale service. If a system is not delivering what you paid for, the trouble, frustrations and expenses begin. And unfortunately, you’ll own them more than likely for the life of the system. Many so called competitive bid comparisons have failed miserably. We almost always find a few differences that will affect the price ranging from having no permits and State testing, difference in equipment efficiency/brand and cutting corners such as using cheap material that affects the integrity of the job. Please give us the opportunity to compare bids and provide you the education with professional experience and knowledge. In other words: “Don’t let the price drive you with what you’re getting, make sure what you’re getting is worth the price!”

What to Look For…

At minimum, be sure the contractor you choose is qualified. Be sure to investigate their licenses, insurance (ask for copies of license, certificates of insurance, proof of workers comp, etc.). Ask for references. Ask for jobs that had problems and talk to the customers. See if everything was resolved in a timely, professional manner and at no extra cost. Ask for copies of permits, State duct testing and system verification, proof of City inspections and mechanical lien releases, just to mention a few. Remember, your system will only be as good as the Company who will stand behind it 100%.

Connor Air has been here for its customers since 1976. We have to be doing something right to provide customer satisfaction and quality systems for this long. If you choose Connor Air, you will not be disappointed!