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Mini Splits in Los Angeles, CA

If you know anything about indoor comfort, you know that you need ducting for a normal central air and heating system to operate. Air is pulled from the home via the return air duct(s), filtered and conditioned, and then redistributed back into the home via ducting.

The Comfort Challenge

The above scenario breaks down however in many situations. Maybe you built an addition to your home? A covered porch perhaps? Maybe you have a garage, office or other living space that doesn’t have ducting installed. What’s been the solution? Noisy window and floor units that are also more of a pain than the comfort is worth. The spectacular news is this: We offer Los Angeles Mini Split solutions that bring quiet, efficient comfort to any living space. Mini splits operate independent of ducting, while also being extremely quiet and efficient.

How a Ductless System Works

They’re called a mini split system because like their big brothers, part of the equipment is located outside, and part of the equipment is located inside the home. So what’s the difference? The indoor air handler used in our mini split solutions is small and compact. It can be mounted on the wall or recessed in a ceiling. This air handler is designed to condition a specific living area, and multiple air handlers can be run by a single ductless air conditioner or heat pump. This means a mini split setup can be used for multiple rooms as well!

Brands we install
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After seeking bids for the installation of our mini-split HVAC, Connor Air & Heating was awarded the job. We clearly made the right choice, both on price and efficiency of installation. Furthermore, when we encountered some obstacles with our condo HOA, Connor graciously worked with our delays and held firm on the price, even though six months had passed and some price increases should have come into effect. When the installation date came, we expected that the household would be disrupted for a week but the installers were fast, courteous, and our system was up and running in two days. This system has been an amazing improvement over our window A/Cs and ancient gravity furnace. Jarred, Mary, and staff are cheerful, informed, and prompt. All in, we made the very best choice going with Connor.