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Ductless Air Conditioning Installation in San Dimas, CA

Connor Air Conditioning & Heating offers mini split air conditioning for your San Dimas home or business so you can choose the exact individual room temperatures in your building. Traditionally, cooling systems would have cold air pumped through vents into your property’s different rooms, theoretically cooling them all to roughly the same temperature. When you put that into practice, though, you have certain rooms with more sun exposure or aren’t getting enough air. That’s why Connor Air Conditioning & Heating offers turnkey mini split AC services. With a mini split, you have precise control over a single room’s temperature without adding extraneous and expensive renovations to your current system.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative to conventional ductwork or you simply want to take advantage of their excellent energy efficiency ratings, a ductless mini split heating and cooling system is an excellent choice for your home. Connor Air Conditioning & Heating offers excellent ductless mini split installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services. We can make sure that your new equipment is professionally installed or that your existing system is routinely serviced for optimum performance and energy efficiency.

Our NATE certified ductless mini split technicians undergo regular training to keep up to date on the latest technology in the industry. Call us today for excellent ductless mini split services.

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Ductless Air conditioning installation
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