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Professional Rotobrush aiR+ Cleaning System

Connor Air duct cleaning will rid your home’s air ducts of mold spores, pollen, and allergens to help you breathe easily.

  • Poor indoor air quality and some health issues may be directly related to mold and other irritants found inside your home’s heating and cooling system.
  • Pollen, pet dander, dead insects, and rodent feces are common elements found in air ducts that can cause problems, especially for those suffering from asthma or allergies. The irritants accumulated in the air ducts will be carried all over your living space whenever the air conditioning or the heater is turned on.
  • Having your entire HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system cleaned by our trained professionals will help eliminate the presence of these harmful contaminants in your home.

We use the Rotobrush aiR+ Cleaning System

Some air duct cleaning machines only suck/ vacuum your air ducts. The Rotobrush aiR+ cleaning system method is the only one available that brushes and vacuums at the point of contact. If you were to vacuum your carpet you would make sure that the brushes on the vacuum are spinning for better pick-up and cleaning. Without the vacuum brushes spinning not all debris would be removed from your carpet. The point of contact from the vacuum brushes spinning into the carpet will always pick up more debris, this works the same for air duct cleaning. Direct contact with brushes and suction removes more of your duct’s contaminants and debris for overall cleaning. We have every size brush for all your different sized air ducts.

When we clean your air ducts we just don’t clean your supply air ducts that go into your bedrooms and family room, we clean the main supply as well. Some companies do not clean or cannot reach into your main supply duct that connects to your system. Without cleaning your main duct, re-contamination will re-occur. Make sure you get your air ducts cleaned fully and truly.

Professional True System Air Duct Cleaning includes:

  • All air ducts, returns, cooling coils (indoor-outdoor), drain pan, registers/grills, air plenum, blower assembly, heat exchanger, air filter & or air cleaner, and video inspection (Everyone’s cleaning options may be different depending on their condition). In actuality, the entire HVAC system should be cleaned, so beware of “whole house special” air duct cleaning companies that may fool you with low cost gimmicks. They do an inadequate job of cleaning and only clean parts of your ducts, not your entire system. Get your ducts fully and truly cleaned with the Rotobrush aiR+ system. Professional True System Air Duct Cleaning from Connor Air is just a phone call away!
  • Our Air Systems Cleaning Specialists have been thoroughly trained, tested and certified with the Rotobrush aiR+ cleaning System.
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